Thursday, April 28, 2011

Woman At The Well Collage

Since I was called in on a Skype call this morning, I wasn't in the third grade art class for long, but I'll share a photo from their project. It went with the book about the mouse, the red, ripe strawberry and the very hungry bear. I had brought some supplies from the USA for this one, and I had hoped to show them how to draw their own mouse, but the Skype call took up a bit of time. Maybe another day.

Yesterday and this morning, I also worked on a 9 square collage
representing the Biblical narrative of the woman at the well. I think it is close to being finished, but I am still processing it. We'll see what final thoughts I have with it. I usually end up adding a bit more with these collages a day or two after I think I am done.

The houses represent different attempts at living life apart from the "Living Water" or our Maker. Jesus told the woman at the well He provided living water, which is allegory for "real life" and living without the idolatry of our hearts - that is - living with Him. Real Life like fresh, cool water. (I can certainly understand that living here in parched Nicaragua and praying for the removal of the idols of my heart.) Refreshing, hopeful, true life. That LIFE is represented by the square in the center of the collage.

The electricity is wavering today - it is yet another bear of a hot,
humid day, so I think I'll end for now in hopes it will be posted before I loose

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