Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Lettering Terminado!

Boy, does it feel good to have the lettering done on the mural. I am excited to think the whole thing can be wrapped up by tomorrow afternoon! Then, I will begin cutting out papers in preparation for several art projects in the classrooms. Since the students are in exams this week, and next week is Easter vacation, I assume I will make the art with the kids the week after vacation.
I am going, with 15 other, to Honduras, to celebrate Holy week and go to a conference. I'll be bringing some art along with me to share at the conference.

I hope you are enjoying seeing the unfolding of the moorale, as they say here. I have to remember to moo like a cow if I am going to say the word correcto.

I enjoyed playing with the students this morning, and I think I'll go see
who I can play with now. It is the afternoon recesso time!

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