Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mural Almost Terminado!

I am getting close to finishing the mural. I think I side-swiped myself by having so many involved, but I sensed it was a really good thing to include as many as possible in the painting process. I am so very tired tonight because I went to church, a nearly 3 hour situation. Don't get me wrong; I love going to my church. The servitsio tonight was solo espanole or however one spells it. I am too tired to look it up:-)

At one point, a young artist named David decided to take over. He was having fun, so I let him have at it. Later, I down-sized some of the shoes he put on some of the children.

I finally got the command chair back and had 5 boys trying to paint. Yikes! I was laughing when one girl gave a boy a paintbrush with pink paint because she had to go do something. I caught him working with the pink. For some odd reason, this artist thought a yellow dressed girl needed pink shoes. I'm going to leave it because they painted it! It's just too cute to change.

So, enjoy the art!

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  1. It is really turning out will be cherished by the children for many years to come...what a blessing - great job Marcia!