Monday, April 25, 2011

Portrait in Honduras

Honduras.... I have returned safe and sound, and a little different in my thinking, from my trip to Honduras. It was a good, growing experience. It was a time of spending more, special time with some of the ladies from Los Cedros and Pastor & Pastora's family. It was also a time to see how some people worship Jesus in a country far from the United States. Every American Christian should experience at least one cross-cultural expression of worship of Jesus.

Where we were going to church, the hours of worship in singing and dancing were very different from my experience in America. Just when I thought the singing was winding down, it would start up again with greater fury. There was plenty of time to paint a painting as a part of the worship. (I did not have any paint with me, nor was it a part of their worship.....yet.)

I sat in the back during many of the services. There, I found cooler air for
this poor, used to cool air Seattlite! I just couldn't figure out how these folks could stand and dance in the heat without passing out. I imagine some thought I was the skeptic in the back. I, however, solidly a follower of Jesus, was trying to be a little cooler and save my energy for the 4-6 hour services. If they could only know how passionately I was holding onto Jesus in my mind and heart, they would have been well re-assured.

Five women, including me, stayed in a home of a family from the hosting church. The family was very welcoming; they were very hospitable and kind to us. The rainy season was beginning during our stay, and the family tried so hard to keep us comfortable in the rain, humidity and heat. They fed us and asked continually if there was anything we needed. (AC did come to mind, but I kept very quiet.)

I asked if the shower, in broken Spanish, worked, and was assured by all it did.

The son in the family spoke perfect English, so I asked if he could show me how to turn it on. He showed me the bucket and tap above it. He said to fill it up, and then pour water over my head with the included cup. He said the shower head did not work. The cold water DID feel refreshing!

This son, Julian, asked if
I'd do a sketch of him. Of course, I said. I began sketching as he sat quietly. Soon, Julian's mom came and said dinner was ready. Well, I knew I needed to finish the sketch, so I kept going. Basically, the sketch needed to be QUICK! However, portraits, even quick ones for me, take at least 45 minutes. But, I kicked it up a notch, and finished in 20-30 minutes.

Julian carried the drawing around the rest of the evening - yep, back to church we went after dinner. He shared the drawing with all his friends. (Thus, the picture of it in church.)

Today and tomorrow, after a nap or two, I hope to finish the prodigal series. Then, the kiddos come back to school, and I will be teaching art classes for each grade level.

PS The bus ride of 16 hours going to Honduras and 15 hours for the return traveling on non-stop hairpin turns with smoking bus tires (literally) is something one can truly only understand by experience. My back may never be the same, but everyone on the Los Cedros bus knows I endured the same hardship they did, and we are better friends for it. This photo was of the Pastor's daughter. We sat together on the return, and she reminded me of my own precious daughters.

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