Sunday, April 10, 2011

Early Morning Baptisms

Hoy es un lindo dia que Dios izzo! (Today is a beautiful day that God made with apologies for any mistakes.) I started the day by walking with a small troupe of new friends who were coming down to the river to get baptized or cheer on, with beautiful singing, those being baptized. It was a lovely, joy-filled experience.

I joined up with a small group of women, and one in the group was keen on helping me with my Spanish diction. I finally told her she was my personal Spanish professor! She wouldn't let me get away with any sloshing around with the verbs. And when I mis-pronounced the Spanish word for "birds" (flying over our heads) the women laughed hilariously. I had said soccer instead of birds. Whoops! :-)

The woman who is my professor was carrying her daughter who had been badly
burned. Her scars looked so painful, I kissed the little baby's leg a few times out of compassion. I guess she is doing better; it is a miracle she is alive. My understanding is the little one was in the hospital for a while.

After the baptism at the river, I headed to church and sat with Ena. Ena is a sweetheart who knows some English. She helped me prepare for when each person in the congregation shares a verse. I had John 6:29 in mind, and she found the Spanish for me. When it was my turn, after I said it in Spanish, everyone clapped. That sure encourages me to keep trying, poor diction and all!

I was invited to a yummy bar-be-que at Pastor Manuel and Pastora's house after church. Pastor's brother and whole family was there along with Pastor Hilario from Northshore Baptist, my home church. I tried to keep up with the Spanish, but I was lost half the time. I enjoyed Pastor's Mom and Carmen along with Pastor's daughters. We are becoming friends.

Now, it is Siesta time for me in Nicaragua!

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