Friday, April 29, 2011

Added Hearts

I am now busy working on a collage for Psalm 1 and a couple of cards for thank yous for some people here, but I did do a bit of work on the "woman at the well" 9 piece collage. I decided to add hearts. The hearts on all 8 parts, all except the one with living water, have stony hearts locked up. It's a "Where is Waldo?" moment as I have tucked the stony hearts, a picture of when our hearts are set against God, here and there. The new heart is with the living water. I am still working on flattening the piece in all this humidity! It is close to 100 degrees today, again.

The children are off from school today.

And, I have just returned from giving Mama and Carmen their cards. The
Spanish might have been a little off. I think they will forgive me! Please pray for Mama today, she has a sore foot.

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