Thursday, April 14, 2011

Moorale Finito!

Yes, that is a wrap of the mural. With the help of a few more students, especially Jennifer once again, the mural is complete. I hope to have a final photo shot as the kids leave classes today. It was a fairly full day of putting in details. I added cats, dogs and Jennifer added flowers. Two students helped me finish the lower half in one solid color of green. I also cleaned up the blue around all the black lettering in the sky. That was fairly tedious, but it looks sharper now.

One woman named Blanca came by and mentioned a word with an "o" should really have an "a", so I got the black paint and made a line by the o so it would be an a. No problemo! This mural has been quite a group effort!

I had lunch at Pastora's house; I've paid for lunch there during my stay to be sure to have one good meal each day. I often take my leftovers and eat them for cena or dinner. I did this today, wrapping my leftover lunch in aluminum foil. I put my wrapped plate in the office, and began working. Suddenly, I heard a crashing sound, and imagined it was my lunch plate. Sure enough, a stray dog had gone into the office and stolen my lunch which was not to be my dinner.

I let him clean up the mess, and he did a really good job. The school secretary
was out, thus the dog had free reign of the office. Gosh, I Carumba! (Great Scott!) No dinner tonight.....well, there is always cheese and crackers:-) So, the mural is finished, and so is my lunch/dinner.

All in a day's work in Nicaragua!

When I get home, I want a really tall glass of iced lemonade......right by my amoka. (Hammock)

I see a collage in the making with this photo!

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  1. I want to see your collage inspired by that great photo !!