Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Second Grade Wordless Books

Today was a busy day of prep for 19 second graders to make their own wordless book cards. Using the wordless book cards is a fun and easy way to share the gospel or Good News of Jesus' love for us. It took an hour of prep and an hour and a half of actual class time to complete the project. They now have their own set, hand painted by themselves! I used what Spanish I have at this point and the teacher helped a bit, although she gave me a few puzzled looks here and there:-)

I also acted out the "great exchange", Jesus taking our sin and giving us His righteousness, with a student who played the part of Jesus. I think the class understood what was going on.
The children certainly loved painting. I wish they could have more opportunity, but an endless supply of materials would be needed. I had trouble finding markers for them to decorate their covers for the little cards, and I thought of all the bright, new markers easily attainable back in the United States.

I am fighting a cold, and the rainy season with all its humidity is not helping my feeling of well-being. So, that's all for today.
I am thankful to have the opportunity to serve here in Los Cedros.

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