Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Lettering on the Mural

Today I focused on lettering for the mural. I only have 2 words to go, but it is time for my pedicure. Yes! A lovely woman from Los Cedros is doing my feet, and boy do they need it! Yes, women want to be beautiful the world over.

I also want to note that I was given a delicious, huge luncheon from Pastora and Pastor's home via Anna. It was enormous! I put most of it in my backpack for dinner. Well, with that accomplished, a huge gust of wind knocked over my Coke that was handed to me in a very breakable glass. Yep, the

Coke flew everywhere, the glass broke, and the local dog came and sat down right on top of the broken glass. I was all upset at this point!

I was trying to plead with the dog to go. I finally remembered, "Vamos!" and he left right away. "Go" was not working for this Spanish speaking dog! What a day! Lots of high wind, careful painting, broken glass and dogs and much too much food! I love it.

OK, I am back to work after a delightful pedicure outside. Five ladies were siting around getting their feet pretty or talking about life or helping me with my Spanish. I messed up a lot with a lack of verbs, which kept them laughing. I finally got up from my big rocker on Pastor and Pastora's porch, and went back to work.

I finished the main titles that I needed to paint. Whew. It is mue client hoy!

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