Sunday, April 3, 2011

Heading Out

I am about to begin a journey to Nicaragua. I'll be sharing art, story and faith on this journey. My time will be spent with children and women in a small village outside of Managua. I hope you'll join me in the weeks ahead on this journey. Take-off is in 24 hours!

(Thanks for any prayer for me as I go.)

Making Art - It requires constant decision-making on the part of the student, demands high standards of student achievement, and instills in the pupil a deep respect for art as a discipline. It promotes intellectual honesty and curiosity, and it encourages diversity. It discourages judgments based upon ignorance and prejudice. Unlike other academic subjects, it recognizes myriad "right" answers, and it offers socially acceptable ways to express strong views and emotions. It is essential to the formation of a well-rounded individual. -Eileen Prince

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  1. You are up and runniing in orange & I love it!!!