Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mural Painting 101

Group mural painting is really a unique art form. Especially in "relationships rich" Nicaragua. Everyone wants to help. Even if it is just to watch the art unfold with paint flying and then add an occasional "good" in their very best English. At one point, I had 4 girls painting the white, blanco, on the banner of the mural. That was serious fun. I sat in my chair and pretended to direct them.

At another point, a worker at the school decided to draw the tree representing Northshore and Seattle, a fir tree, and I let him have at it. I just love encouraging artists. I did have to erase some of it, but he had fun. He also added spear-like points on the stands of the banner. I kept those; they look very Nicaraguan!

Speaking of paint flying, the mural has now become a scene with lots of green grass under the banner to cover all the white paint the foursome inadvertently flung there. My job for a while, after the dust settled, was to reclaim the green areas of the piece. And I mean shocking green! All in a day's work in Nicaragua.

The children and adults have been so loving, warm and welcoming during my first few days. I am hearing Pastor Manuel off in the distance, playing the keyboard in the church. I was hoping to go tonight, but my body won't move from this chair. I am finito as far as doing anything else.

Trying to think and speak Spanish non-stop is really hard for me;
I am improving little by little. That process is exhausting mentally. Oh, there goes Benjamen (Benyamen). He is the night guard with lots of gold teeth. He has been very welcoming as well. And there is my neighbor, a cow. He is fairly calm and quiet as he slips through the dried grass blades for his evening cena or supper.

I came back to the project house after church, I did go thanks to dear Ena coming by and getting me, and I saw that the ants had trapped a cockroach and killed it. The ants are now my new best friends! I swept the whole pile of insects, roach with dining ants, out the front door. Now it really is bedtime!

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