Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Heat and Headache

It was really, really, really hot today, and I battled a headache all day long. I am hopeful that tomorrow will be cooler. I did quite a bit of cutting (see cut butterflies) in preparation for art classes once I return from Honduras, and then I went to bed for most of the rest of the day. Pastor Manuel and Pastora came in the evening to check on me, and they prayed for me.

I have been blessed with an encouraging Skype call from Judy tonight. We discussed future plans, the need for a translator to do art here, and the benefits of having more than one person ministering in a location such as Los Cedros.
I took some photos of local animals,the goat, birds, the next door neighbor - a horse - after my afternoon siesta. The kind woman who brought me lunch realized the goat tethered near my house was in the sun way too long, and needed to be moved to the shade. I cheered her on while she got him situated with fresh water under a tree.

And now, I am hopeful the house here will finally cool down, but I am taking one last cold shower to start the cooling process! Now I know why I like AC so much.

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