Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nicaragua Musings

You are probably juggling three or four activities right now, getting ready to drive somewhere, have two or three calls to return, need to check your phone, and you need to make dinner or go to the grocery store or BOTH! Unless you live near the equator. Life is so different there than here in Nicaragua.

Here it's hot or very hot or very, very hot.

That translates to 95, 99, and 105 degrees just about every day. Water for a "gringo" is something to think about a lot. There is much relief when one has a cache of water. Since I have been sipping lemonade at Pastor's house, I think my body is swimming with parasites, but I hope to not overdo it, so I keep buying bottled water.

I spent a large part of my afternoon walking to a place to get water, chatting with different children and moms, and goofing around with Pastor and Pastora and their family. (I haven't driven a car in 6 weeks. If I use my cell phone, it could cost $20 for one message. Thus, no cell phone use.)

Today, I had the privilege of hearing different women's stories as they shared their artwork they had made. We stopped and prayed every so often as the stories spilled out. There was much pain, violation, hidden hatred, abuse and much more. We were careful with each other. I pray these women continue to care for one another deeply in the days ahead. No matter how little or much money one has, these sufferings of the heart and soul are world-wide.

I asked the women to also make at least one page of art telling about times of grace, love, mercy and hope in their lives. The women will be sharing their final art/stories on Friday. I pray for healing, much healing and grace as they share.

And no, I did not get to the market today. Manyana, as they always say. Life is slower, slower, slower here.

I'm off to church, giving another pastor a farewell portrait. It's not perfecto, but it comes from my prayerful heart, and I pray he is blessed and encouraged through the art.

Oh, and hug your kids tonight! Many are without a mom or dad or both in this little town.

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