Friday, May 13, 2011

Final Days in Nicaragua

Today was a day full of activity, beginning with the bird concert from 4:20 am to 5:40 am. Then, it was back to sleep for me followed by a quick shower and a dash over to Pastor and Pastora's house. We had planned a trip to the Masaya market in a town southeast of Los Cedros. There would be one stop at the school where the Bustamonte's had placed their children. I think it was a meeting of heads of school.

The day was stiff and hot, so the air conditioning was amazingly cool. I hadn't had a time with AC in quite a while, so my body was a bit taken aback. And then spoiled. I knew I'd be back to sweating after our adventure, and boy, was I right. When we returned, I sweated buckets...but that's skipping to the end.

We headed into Masaya before I knew it, but closer to lunch than breakfast time.

So, with hunger (hambra) setting in, we headed straight to a lunch joint. It was clean and refreshing, and the fried fish was actually quite tasty. What was even better was all our leftovers were passed right along to 3 young men who sat down quickly next to us. They looked dirty and tired and they thanked us.

I was so happy to have been a part of spontaneous food relief grace moment without food police or paperwork. It was one of the sweetest moments of my time here.

Selah, Pastora's sister, Anna, Pastora's daughter and I slipped off to enjoy the market. We saw all sorts of cool arts and crafts, but I know my boxes in my garage have plenty of knick knacks, so I refrained from buying more. I did find the artist who makes flowers out of corn husks and bought all her flowers. She gave me her phone number - I guess I'm an amiga now:-)

I also bumped into a woman who makes many different items out of paper beads, and I bought a bracelet and asked to have a photograph with her. I couldn't believe she made baskets and picture frames out of beads! I am so happy she is selling her beautiful things.

We ended our stay with freshly squeezed mango juice, and we sat and sipped happily amongst the colorful wares around us. This market was so much cleaner than the Moroccan markets, but filled with little children begging. One mom was begging with her hydrocephalic child who had a very large head. My heart was cut to the quick and Selah quietly recommended I give her some money.

I had yet another chocked-full day in Nicaragua...ending up back at school and overhearing..."IGUANA!!" and then many children screaming. I, quick thinking gal that I am, ran for my camera and dashed toward the screaming. Unfortunately, the screaming must have caused the iguana to slink away rapido as they say here.

I capped off the afternoon with a glance at my light on the porch only to discover a cockroach the size of Texas. may not be an iguana, but I did capture it on film!

Just when I thought my day was winding down, a woman from my art class dropped by and shared all the art she had made. I complemented her on her beautiful family tree made out of butterflies. We had some photos taken by her niece, Ava, and I took some photos of her art. For me, it was sacred.

I think I'll just relax a bit before I head for bed...and get a nap in before the howling starts up! Oh, I think Pastor Manuel is a very frustrated guitarist! (See photo from the market.)

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