Saturday, May 14, 2011

Art and Faith

I've tried this once already, the power went out, and I lost it all. I am hesitant to try again, because it is a stormy day here in Nicaragua, so any second it can all be down as far as power is concerned. I'll just publish as I go.

Today, I have written down, in another place, much of what I remember from my time making art with the women here, so I have exhausted most of my writing energy. And, I am packing to head out tomorrow after church, to the Best Western in Managua, and then fly home early Monday morning.

What I want to remember is how powerful the making of the art was in sharing our stories and faith. As my translator said to me in English, "I did not know art could be so powerful in helping someone to share their life story and in healing hearts."

It's amazing, and we both saw it unfold together.

These women were really taking risks in being transparent and in making art because they have very little experience in both areas. One was especially worried that she could not do the art, but she prayed and made a beautiful book she entitled, "Life is Art."

They all wanted a grade on their art! I said they all had A +s because of all they had done. No, they really wanted a grade. That would not do. So, I said Jesus earned them their A+ and just trust all was well with their art.

Women shared stories of sexual abuse, rape, loss of loved ones early in life, infidelity, shunning and shaming. The art helped with getting the stories out and relief for the hearts of the women.

There were many moments of prayer and then more sharing. The time was sacred with these special women. I was undone in my heart several times and wept just like Jesus wept over Lazurus's death.

I hope to share more with you all in the days ahead, but that's a wrap due to power shortages in 3rd world countries. :-)

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